Passion of Christ Head – Olive wood / Large

Passion of Christ Head – Olive wood / Large

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Passion is a Latin word (pati) meaning “to suffer.”

The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John told us a lot about the passion of Jesus. They said that Jesus knew what was going to happen and that He was to suffer for man. Luke 9:22 says, “‘For I, the Son of Man, must suffer many terrible things,’ he said. ‘I will be rejected by the leaders, the leading priests, and the teachers of religious law. I will be killed, but three days later I will be raised from the dead'”

Christ’s crucifixion, based on the New Testament, Judas expedites the downfall of Jesus by handing him over to the Roman Empire’s handpicked officials. Jesus is condemned to death. He is tortured as he drags a crucifix to nearby Calvary, where he is nailed to the cross. He dies, but not before a last act of grace.

This Stunning Passion of Christ Head is hand carved inside of one branch of genuine olive wood in the Holy Land.

The wood of the Holiest Tree in the Holy Land, made by some Christian families in Bethlehem, using the prunes of young olive trees, and the sprouts from the trunks of the old tree. Each item is unique because of olive wood’s various colors and the possession of small cracks in the wood.

No Tree was damaged or destroyed in the process of harvesting the wood. Olive Wood does not require much care. Olive oil is naturally protecting it from corrosion and changes of color.

You will receive this item according to the picture except for its color and small wood cracks.

Size-  H:9 W:6 D:3 inches


Stock: Available

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